Pertino is a cloud-based networking startup that provides VPN connectivity without any hardware, configuration, or hassle.


UI Engineering Intern


I joined Pertino as an engineering intern on the User Interface (UI) team. Upon joining the productive environment, I quickly learned to work within an agile environment and learned to work within the code base, built with Emberjs. Interactions with cross-functional teams included implementing requirements directed by the product management team, implementing design mockups by the UX design team, and engagement with the backend team to properly hook API calls.


  • Emberjs
  • Handlebars
  • Grunt
  • Git Version Control
  • LESS, a CSS pre-processor
  • SCRUM methodology


  • Feature Implementation
  • Bug Fixes

The Pertino App

Ember App

The Pertino web app was created using Emberjs, a MVC framework. Having never worked with Ember, I prepared for the internship by doing multiple tutorials for Ember and building a simple Ember app.

The below image shows the Pertino web app using the Ember Inspector plugin for Chrome.


Building new features was a main focus of the company. Much of my internship was spent working on new features and bug fixes.

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