Traveling and eating can be scary for those with peanut allergies. iM Allergic is an iPhone app that helps to alleviate those fears.


Creator, Designer, iOS Developer, Front-End Web Developer


iM Allergic was created based on the experience of having a loved one who suffers from a life-threatening peanut allergy. After three visits to the ER due to possible peanut exposure, I came up with the idea of an app that would help communicate the severity of the allergy through visuals and strong wording.


  • App and Asset Design
  • Translation Collection
  • iOS Development (Native)
  • Website Development


High Level

  1. Understand flaws of communicating with language and cultures and limitations of online translators and apps
  2. Create the basic requirements of what to communicate and how to word it
  3. Research visuals that would be accepted internationally
  4. Gather translations and feedback from native speakers
  5. Create main screen mockups and design
  6. Create additional pages - what words do people need to know how to say, if it’s not phonetic? What information is useful?
  7. Implementation done with Objective C
  8. Testing of the app
  9. App pushed through Apple iphone app process
  10. Create website with marketing information

Sketch Explorations

The initial sketches of the iMAllergic app included different ways of portraying a peanut and commnicating a danger sign. During research, I found that an image of a peanut is recognized differently around the world. Some cultures recognize the peanut only when the peanut interior itself is shown while others could easily recognize the peanut shell.

For the danger sign, I researched caution and 'do not' symbols that were recognized around the world. I found that the circle with a diagonal strike through the middle was most recognized for the situation I required.

Design Explorations - Translation Card

The limitation of space was a reality for the iphone app. Explorations were done to see how much to emphasize visuals or text for the scenario.

Xcode Storyboard

Once research and design were completed, I started implementation in Xcode, coding the app natively using Objective C.

Xcode Implementation

Logic was created to allow the user to switch to different languages and for other pages to change accordingly.

Final Implementation

The final implementation included the main page, with a warning, a visual, and strongly worded text to communicate the severity of the peanut allergy. The user could switch to another language by clicking on the icon next to the language.

Separate views were created with symptom information for a peanut allergic response as well as a list of emergency numbers in different countries.

Web One Pager

A one pager website was created highlighting the main features of the app.

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