Barrier was the First Place Winner at Finance Tech Startup Weekend, Sponsored By Intuit. The SaaS prototype is inspired based on the experiences of a former FBI special agent to be the easiest and most secure way to have transactions monitored in real-time to detect fraudulent behavior.

After winning first place, the four core team members continued pursuit of the building Barrier. The members included a former FBI special agent with specialization in fraudulent transactions, a Rails developer, and a finance & operations person. I continued as the designer and front-end web developer.


Designer and Front-End Web Developer


  • Designed and implemented front-end web development for the Saas prototype that won First Place at Finance Tech Startup Weekend, Sponsored by Intuit
  • Designed and implemented launch website
  • Designed Wordpress Blog
  • Designed and created pitch deck



Barrier Prototype

The Barrier prototype was created in a 72-hour period at the end of which a pitch was made to a VC panel. For the pitch presentation, a prototype was designed and implemented that included a landing page, a login page for the user to enter, and the main dashboard section. To simulate a fraudulent transaction, the presenter was able to manually click on the refresh button on the dashboard page and a text message was instantly sent using Twilio alerting the user of a fraudulent transaction. A new row would appear under Transaction Alerts.

At the event, I was the sole designer in a group consistent of five main group members. During the period of time, I designed a brand identity, the main pages for the pitch, and completed front-end web development in a high pace environment using bootstrap. The code was handed off to a Rails developer, who had focused on the Twilio messaging.

Barrier Launch Page with Mailchimp Form

After the Startup Weekend Event, our core team continued pursuit of building a prototype. I designed and implemented a launch page that allowed users to enter their email address into a form, which leveraged Mailchimp for subscription management.

Barrier Pitch Deck

For pitch purposes, I created a powerpoint deck that was consistent with the Barrier brand.