Rebecca Chen

I believe in creating experiences.

As a product designer, I believe in creating experiences for users. In my journey to achieve this, I've found it helps to bring a vast and varied background, along with a bit of grit and determination.


snapshots of my journey and experiences

About Me

For the past several years, I’ve been immersed in the startup world, working in a variety of industries including customer success, social enterprise, cloud technology and data science. If I had to label myself, I’d call myself a “product designer” or “experience designer” - I believe in taking a holistic design view, diving into everything that impacts the user. I have a multidisciplinary background that has helped me in the startup journey, particularly with creating products in fast-paced environments -- this background includes web development, business operations, and data analytics.

My personal hobbies include travel (I’ve traveled to over 30 countries), motorsports (my best motorcycle track time at Thunderhill is 2:12), and hiking outdoors (I recently did a 55 km hike through Iceland on the Laugavegur Trail). I like to constantly push myself and continually expand my experiences and skills.